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About Us

Ever since pokies spread around the world form their country of origin, Australia, the online gambling world has been revolutionized. Pokies developed from the early Australian slot machines, better known as fruit machines or one-eyed bandits. In the past decade, pokies took over the online gambling market thanks to their simplicity and attractiveness.

As a leading online casino, we aim to provide pokies of highest quality – best graphics and animations combined with superb sound effects. Our players can enjoy their love for the game thanks to the best pokies money can buy.

Our Offer

The world of pokies evolves and progresses each year. New pokies appear, bringing better graphics and sound and quicker, more attractive gaming experience. Our job is to stay on top, above the competition, providing only pokies of the highest quality. Try some of our most popular online pokies and see for yourself. We have many kinds of pokies you will surely enjoy.

Progressive Pokies

Maybe the most common and most played type of pokies, this pokie type is based on accumulating the possible jackpot as a percentage of the money used to play the game. Hence, the jackpot gets bigger the more the pokie is spun. There are many sub-types of progressive pokies, each with a certain special trait. From individual to linked progressive pokies and all the way to multi-location pokies which are connected to other progressive pokies, you are welcome to try them all at our online casino.

Multiple pay line pokies

Gone are the days of one-pay line pokies. The more you play, the more lines you can open. Therefore, the greater your chance of winning are. To put it in simple terms, the more paylines you can open, the better chance you will have to win the jackpot. Nowadays, pokies can have up to 25 paylines in a single game. So, if you have 5 lines open, for example, you can count on a jackpot or a win if only one of the lines lands a winning combination. So, what are you waiting for? Spin that reel and wait for the jackpot.

Other types of pokies

Besides the two mostly played pokies, the progressive and multiple pay line  types, we can offer many other variants of online pokies. Wild card pokies have special, wild symbols on their reels to help you win a jackpot. Then we have bonus game pokies, with free spins and bonus rounds. Also, you can try the multiplier pokies and the bonus multiplier pokies. There is a whole world of pokies out there and which ever pokie you choose, fun is guaranteed and, who knows, with a little luck, you might grab the jackpot!


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Our Team

Our team consists of three coworkers and friends who enjoy to work with pokies, but to play them, too! They are a small, but capable group of pokie experts who just love everything to do with pokies. They think gambling is more than a hobby: for them, it is a passion, skill, and art.

Our graphic designer is a creative and artistic fellow who enjoys surfing and photography. He has a great eye for visuals and can outline a design for a new game in a blink of an eye. A true creative mastermind, fresh ideas come easy for him.

Our writer is a lady with style and finesse. She has an incredible way with words and can make sentences sound like music. She tries to leave as much time as she can for her hobbies – her corgi dogs and… you guessed it – pokies!

Finally, our marketing chief is a true business genius. He can smell a business opportunity from miles away and construct the right marketing strategy within minutes, for guaranteed success. When he is off work, he loves reading and ship models. But do not tempt him with a game of pokies because he will be playing for hours!