People love to know what they are facing when playing a game. Especially a game of chance, which they cannot influence directly and where the outcome is totally out of reach. All the player can do is push a button or pull a stick and spin up the game. From that point on, the game has a mind of its own. Where the game will stop, nobody knows, not even the game itself. The programming algorithm has the final word. But let us give you a heads up about how pokie machines are programmed. The first thing we need to do is to separate our pokies into land based ones and the online pokies.

Land based pokies

Land based pokies, the recent versions of them, at least, come with a very advanced algorithm. The job of this complex set of rules is to provide millions of possible variations on the reels so the players cannot create or develop a strategy based on patterns. The algorithms also decide when to pay out because they have internally set parameters. Of course, these can vary greatly, but they usually sum up to around 95% to 97% against the money put in. Since the algorithms are very complex, they do not work on a player to player basis. They are set over greater periods of time, meaning you can get lucky and claim the jackpot if people before you were unlucky, with long losing streaks. The trick is to get in the driver’s seat in the right time and claim the jackpot.

Online pokies

Pokies ProgrammingWith online pokies, the situation is practically the same as with land-based ones. The differences amount to slightly different programming sequences. A lot of programming languages can be used to create online pokie games, from proprietary software to open-source programming tools. Also, content management systems like Joomla, for example, play a very important part in online pokie programming.

When it comes to the actual win rate programming, online pokies have an algorithm which is there to calculate how big are the amounts paid so the pay outs can be delivered accordingly. The advantage they have over the land based pokies is a much larger number of players which can play the same pokie at the same time. It means more money is pouring into the machine at a shorter period, the jackpot chance increases. Many people opt to play online because they believe jackpots are more frequent.

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